1. Please provide me with a copy of your Trust’s Social Media Governance Policy (for employees), or equivalent, and the date it was adopted. Please find attached the Royal Surrey County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust policy for Social Media:


Social Media Policy


2. Please list the Social Media programmes used by your Trust (i.e. if you use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc. … I do not need individual account details). The Trust uses Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin.


3. Please detail training offered to staff on the use of social media. Staff are briefed about being cautious as part of induction and individual groups would be briefed in more detail if required (e.g. if they set up a specific social media account).


4. Please state how many people in your Trust have been disciplined as a result of social media behaviour, for the calendar years 2012-2016 The Trust has formally investigated less than 5 cases for calendar years 2012-2016 regarding the use of social media.


5. Please provide the approximate number of people (headcount) employed by your Trust.  The Trust’s current headcount is 3,800.

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