1. A database (in Excel-readable format ) of all cases in which patients were sent to private healthcare

facilities from NHS facilities covered by this FOI address from 1/1/2014 until 1/5/2017. This should


a. Incident or record number as per your own system
b. The date of the referral
c. The department from which the patient was referred
d. The facility to which the patient was referred
e. The reason or explanation given for the referral
f. The cost of the referral
g. If possible, I would appreciate the data in this form:

Date Department Facility referred to Cost of referral Reason given


Please find below a table detailing the Royal Surrey County Hospital NHS Foundation specialties that transferred their patients to other private facilities to provide services from July 2015 to April 2017:


Division/Speciality Total number patients transferred Reason for transfer Private facility providing service Total cost outsourced
Surgery/General Surgery 7 Waiting list initiative BMI £10,384.17
Surgery/Ophthalmology 1479 Theatre Capacity Optegra £647,074
Surgery/T&O 31 Waiting list initiative BMI £230,098.71


Note: We have not provided the date of referral for each patient because this may have the potential to identify and would therefore be considered to be personal information.

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