1)How many complaints were made about staff (nurses, doctors, support staff etc) across the whole trust for matters relating to religious ‘proselytising’, ‘preaching’ and / or ‘prayer’ in the last three years (and the year to date)? 

(For example, a complaint might be; a nurse spoke to a patient or another staff member about God or spiritual matters in a manner that they felt uncomfortable with).


2017 (year to date)  

  2) How many staff (nurses, doctors, support staff etc) have been subject to disciplinary action in the last three years (and the year to date) for religious ‘proselytising’ or ‘preaching’ etc – and what was the action taken? 

(Please note; there may have been more than one complaint per staff member so these figures could be lower than the figures for question 1) 



further action

Mediation Oral warning First

written warning

Final written warning Action as alternative to dismissal

(e.g suspension, demotion etc.)

Dismissal with contractual notice Summary dismissal
2017 (ytd)                

 3) Please give a brief outline for all of the incidences of disciplinary actions taken – without breaching data protection.

 (For example a summary might read: “Patient X complained that Nurse Y had ‘prayed’ at the end of her bed twice, despite requesting her not to do so. Nurse Y admitted at a hearing that she had done this on two occasions and accepted an action alternative to dismissal –in this case a suspension without pay of one week. Nurse Y was subject to retraining and sanctions for one year on her return”).


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