Please provide details of clinical service incidents caused by estates and infrastructure failure at your hospital trust in 2016/17.

A “clinical service incident” is defined as follows: Number of incidents caused by estates and infrastructure failure which caused clinical services to be delayed, cancelled or otherwise interfered with owing to problems or failures related to the estates and infrastructure failure. Exclude failures relating to non-estates causes e.g. nursing availability, but include where external incidents which estates and infrastructures should have mitigated e.g. utility power failures where the Trusts backup power system failed to offset. An incident is considered to be a delay of at least 30 minutes to clinical services affecting at least 5 patients or equivalent. Both inpatient and outpatient service incidents should be included.

Such incidents will include, but are not limited to: • Power and/or heating failures including overheating • Fires and false alarms (where caused by equipment faults or malfunction, deliberate/malicious causes should be excluded) • Water and/or sewage supply • Food production and/or delivery • Pest control

For each incident, please provide a summary of the incident and the impact on services. Please provide details of the problem and in what way clinical services were affected, including the number of patients affected, the service and how long the service was delayed/if it was cancelled.

The Royal Surrey County Hospital does not record the information requested in the detail required, however, the Trust can confirm that there have been 5 incidents recorded ranging from low to severe involving Estates infrastructure which may have caused delay to clinical services in 2016/17, as follows:

Potential For Harm 1 – Low Infrastructure or resources Temperature too low. Air conditioning units out of order.

May need to cancel classes tomorrow.


Potential For Harm 4 – Severe Infrastructure or resources Leaking roof caused by leaking pipe affecting two consoles for booking patients in.  This may delay booking in patients and potentially impact patient safety.


 Potential For Harm 3 – Moderate Infrastructure or resources Leak caused by leaking pipe.  Due to the leak only two consoles can be used.  Leak is coming through light switch, so had to switch lights off.  This is impacting Staff doing their job properly due to insufficient lighting.  This will also create a delay in booking patients in.


 Potential For Harm 3 – Moderate Infrastructure or resources Network Services & Power Failure during planned infrastructure maintenance downtime to the RSCH network.


 Potential For Harm 4 – Severe Infrastructure or resources Power outage occurred across the Trust which affected IT/Clinical Services.















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