I am researching the NHS use of rostering and rota management software.  For each supplier used at the organisation, please provide the following information: 

1. Name of Software Allocate HealthRoster 

2. Description of its uses (including the staffing groups or departments it is used for) Rostering and management of temporary staff for nursing, admin and clerical and some allied health professionals 

3. Who signed the contract (job title)   Director of Organisational Transformation (now Deputy Chief Executive) 

4. What is the maximum sign off value of this person’s position?£250,000 

5. What was the value of the contract?£236,398 

6. What is the contract term?67 months 

7. When was it signed?23/04/2014 

8. What is the notice period?90 days 

9. Was it bought through a framework?  If so, please state which one Yes, it was purchased through the LPP framework


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