1)    Do you request references for all of your new applicants or just for certain posts?  If only certain posts, please can you confirm the job roles in which you do not need references for? All 

2)    If you need references for a new applicant, how many do you require, or how far back (in years) do you seek references for? As per the NHS employment check standards.

3)    When a reference is received, do you verify its origin to ensure that it is real? Yes 

4)    If yes to the above, how is verification undertaken? By the resourcing officer 

5)    Where verification is carried out, how long can this take? (an average per reference is sufficient.  A min – max time is also sufficient) Royal Surrey County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust does not record this information. 

6)    If a fake reference is discovered prior to the applicant beginning a role, would the application be terminated? Royal Surrey County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust investigates this on a case by case. 

7)    What would happen if a reference was discovered to be fake after the person had started their job?  Would this be a legal issue, or dealt with via your in-house procedures? Via in-house procedures. 

8)    Have you received a fake reference in the last 2 years? There have been no reported incidents. 

9)    What is the name and email address of your Head/Director of Human Resources? (or equivalent Head of the department that deals with Workforce, Recruitment or People Services) Royal Surrey County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust does not disclose the direct contact details of its staff members. This is to ensure that the information provided is not out of date once published.


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