1. On what dated did the Cedar Centre first open? February 2005

2. Does the Cedar Centre provide a multi-disciplinary service for diabetic patients? Yes

3. On  what  date  did  the  Cedar  Centre  begin  providing  a  multi-disciplinary  service  for  diabetic patients? February 2005 – Cedar has always had a multi-disciplinary service approach. 

4. Has  the  Cedar  Centre  ever  stopped  accepting  referrals  of  patients  with  diabetic  foot  problems since it opened and, if so, what were the dates on which such referrals were not accepted? Cedar Centre hosts community based podiatry services where individuals can be referred in. The diabetes foot MDT was conceived at Cedar in May 2010 and from that time forward has been the referral point for diabetic foot problems. As there are no vascular services at Royal Surrey County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust there are occasions where feet problems are directed straight to Frimley Park Hospital.

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