i)Who provides security at each of your hospital sites? Where security is supplied by multiple providers please breakdown this provision.

Compass (Medirest) provide internal security and CP Plus Limited provide external security

ii)How many complaints have been made to the trust in regards to hospital security guards in 2016?


iii)For each complaint, please give a short description of the details (where available) and identify which security provider the security officer was employed by.

Security Officer had a complaint made against him whilst asking someone to stop smoking within the ‘no smoking’ hospital estate.

iv)The number of times security guards have been used to restrain patients from January 2016 to the latest available figures? And the departments where the restraint took place? Please see below


Copy of FOI Restrained Incidents Jan 16 to April 17


v)Does the trust use security personnel to restrain patients with mental health problems or patients with dementia?

The Trust works within guidance set by NHS Protect, Department for Health and NICE

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