1. Please state what percentage of trust staff have received training on the government’s Prevent strategy and the statutory duty to report those at risk of being drawn into terrorism. As of 24.03.2017, 22% of clinical staff have received PREVENT training.

2. Please state whether staff have received any further training on the Prevent Strategy apart from the Workshop to Raise Awareness of Prevent (WRAP training). If yes, please state what further training they receive. 2. Members of the safeguarding team have had additional training and attended conferences in relation to PREVENT.

3. Please state whether all staff receive training on the Prevent Strategy or just clinical staff. All Staff have PREVENT awareness Training.

4. Please state the number of people who the trust has referred to Prevent since the duty was introduced in 2015. Please state how many of these people have been referred to the Channel programme (if known). 0

5. Please state what proportion of referrals (if you have made any) have involved patients and what proportion have involved staff. N/A

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