I am conducting research on the NHS bank usage. Please could you provide separately for each of the 4 staff groups below;

a. Doctors

b. Nurses


d. Other inc A&C


1)         Do you have an internal or external bank? (external i.e. NHS Professionals) Internal bank.

2)         Do you run a weekly payroll for the bank? Monthly payroll only.

3)         If a weekly payroll is used, how much does this cost to administer? N/A.

4)         Bank spend for 15/16, if an external bank is used, the external costs for that staff groups?  See table below.

5)         Do the answers to question 5, include employer costs i.e. employers NI, employers pension? No.

6)         What are the total amount of hours paid to bank workers in 15/16? See table below.

7)         How many bank workers worked during 15/16?  See table below.

8)         How many of the bank workers also held a substance contract in 15/16? See table below.

9)         What software and who is the provider do you use to manage your bank workers? N/A – in-house, using ESR.

10)       How much did you pay in 15/16 to the software provider to manage your bank workers? N/A

11)       What is the contractual end date of the bank software provider? N/A.


Table below providing responses to questions above:

Doctors Nurses AHP/HSS Other
Bank spend 15/16 3370349.93 2476324.31 471830.33 3938073.48
Hours paid 15/16 46585.43 171346.87 27485.92 405705.31
No. of bank workers 363 998 259 1412
No. substantive 263 840 231 844

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