1. Which IT related services do you outsource? E-Mail, Some Network Maintenance

2. If any, when do your current outsource contract refresh? E-mail ongoing, Network renewal in September 2017


1. What automation tools do you use? None

2. Do you do a Cloud File Storage Provider? If so, who? No


1. What is your current Network Speed? Generally 1Gb/s to desktop, 10GB/s to Servers

2. Storage Network: EMC, HP

3. Value of Contract: £9,000

4. Do you use WAN Optimisation? No

5. If so, what product do you use? n/a

6. Have you virtualised your Networks? No

7. If so, who is your Network Virtualisation Vendor? n/a

8. When is your next Network Refresh due? Just completed, not expecting another refresh until 2018/19

9. When is your Network support renewal due? September 2017


1. Which healthcare specific applications do you use?

OASIS PAS, Philips PACS, Euroking, HSS CRIS, Endobase, JAC, Intelli Vue, Medcon, Medonc,Radonc, Bluespier Pacing, VitalPAC,

2. How many of these are on-prem vs a SaaS model? None

3. How many legacy applications do you have that are currently out of support? None

4. What are the name of the Database vendors? Oracle and Microsfot

5. Which email provider do you use? NHSMail 2

6. Who is your current PACS provider? Philips

7. And your VNA Provider? Lexmark via Philips

8. And your SSO Provider? None

9. And your EPR Provider? n/a

10. Have you implemented VDI? No

11. If yes, who is your VDI provider? n/a

12. When does your VDI refresh? n/a

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