I have a Freedom of Information request regarding biologics and biosimilar prescribing. Could you please provide me with the following numbers of patients treated in the last six months with the following drugs for the conditions listed below.


In the table below, please find the total number of patients under the care of Rheumatology, Dermatology and Gastroenterology who have been treated with each of the drugs listed between in the last 6 months for any indication. Where a drug is not listed or no patient numbers are stated it is because we have not used it in the time period specified.


Rheumatology Dermatology Gastroenterology
Abatacept (Orencia) 3
Adalimumab (Humira) 117 10 3
Apremilast (Otezla) 4
Certolizumab Pegol (Cimzia) 29
Etanercept (Enbrel) 84 10
Etanercept biosimilar (Benepali) 9
Golimumab (Simponi) 1 1
Infliximab (Remicade) 10 84
Infliximab biosimilar (Inflectra) 1 2
Infliximab biosimilar (Remsima)
Rituximab (MabThera) 24
Secukinumab (Cosentyx) 1
Ixekizumab (Taltz)
Tocilizumab (RoActemra) 21
Ustekinumab (Stelara) 2 6 0
Vedolizumab (Entyvio) 3

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