1. Is a contract or framework agreement in place for funeral services in the circumstances where the Trust has responsibility for these matters? Yes, there is one provider who carries out all the funerals.

2. If there is not a contract or framework in place, in the absence of any contractual arrangements, how are these matters dealt with by the Trust?  There is a provider.

3. If there is a contract or framework agreement in place:

a. Please describe each contract relating to funeral services and the specific service areas each contract covers. We consider funeral services to cover adult burials or cremations, child burials or cremations, stillbirth burials or cremations, individual fetal remains burials or cremations and communal fetal remains burials or cremations. There is one provider who carries out all the funeral services.

b. Who is the contract awarding body for each contract? The Trust’s Relatives Office.

c. What specific institutions and healthcare settings does the contract cover? Please provide a list of the individual institutions and/or settings. Royal Surrey County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

d. For each contract(s), please outline any lots that the contract is broken down into? The agreement is not broken down into lots.

e. If the contract is divided into lots, please describe the specific geographies/institutions/services included within each contract lot? Not applicable.

f. Who is the present contract holder, including by lot if applicable? J Gorringe and Son, 55 Hare Lane, Farncombe, Godalming, GU7 3EF

g. When was the contract(s) for funeral services last let? The provider has provided this service for at least the last 7 years.

h. What is the term of the contract(s)? There is a provider rather than a contract.

 i. What are the extensions to the term that are permissible within the contract(s)? None

j. What were the activity levels (approximate number/volume) in the last full financial year of each of the funeral service types listed in 3a above? e. number of adult burials or cremations, number of child burial or cremations etc.

2015/16 adult burials or cremations – 7 (for no next of kin)

2015/16 child burials or cremations – 0

2015/16 still birth burials or cremations – 0

2015/16 individual fetal remains burials or cremations – 0

2016/16 communal fetal remains burials or cremations – 16

k. What was the total spent funeral services in each of the last three years of the contract, broken down by contracts for individual funeral service lines (3a) or lots where they exist? Please confirm the year definition used in the response.

£1199 total cost of an adult funeral

Aug 2013 to Aug 2014 – 3 = £3,597

Aug 2014 to Aug 2015 – 9 = £10,791

Aug 2015 to Aug 2016 – 7 = £8,393

No cost for the other services provided

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