1.    In your IG Toolkit return of 31st March 2016, what was the level of compliance you recorded with respect to percentage of staff who have completed the mandatory IG training (IGTK req. 112).  80 – 85%
2.         a.    Which staff groups did you include (e.g. bank, agency, fixed term contracts, secondments, volunteers etc)? Please list.  Substantive posts split into medical (consultants, nurses, doctors, and other health professionals) and non-medical staff groups (including Bank, Volunteers), contractors, student nurses.  Agency and locums are expected to be IG compliant on start of assignment as part of contract with hiring agency.
            b.    Which staff groups did you exclude (e.g. bank, agency, fixed term contracts, secondments, volunteers etc)? Please list.  N/A
            c.    Did you exclude staff who have left the Trust within the year (e.g. on long term sick, maternity leave etc)? Please list.  N/A
3.    How did you calculate the final figure? For example, please state if you calculated over a period of time, or if it was a point in time and whether staff who are no longer counted at the end of the year (i.e. leavers, staff on long term sick) are subtracted from both numerator and denominator.   Point in time.
4.    Did you use any electronic system(s) to record training compliance? If so, which.   Yes.  OLM system.
5.    Did you use any estimations in your figures? If so, what did you base your estimations on?  Estimation.  Substantive Trust staff + approx. contract staff from outsourced hospital services.
6.    Which job role was responsible for calculating compliance?  IG Manager
7. Which job role was responsible for signing off compliance? IG Manager reporting to IG Steering Group including Caldicott and SIRO.
8.    Please describe the IG training offerings in your organisation (e.g. face-to-face, bespoke online tool, HSCIC’s online IG Training Tool)  IGT e-learning, Trust Corporate & SaM training face to face sessions.

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