Please provide, in excel format, the number of deaths that have occurred in the maternity unit of the hospitals in the trust in 2016.  If there have been no deaths, please feel free to just simply reply saying there have been 0 fatalities.  

Please include:

1. The date that the death occurred
2. The hospital in which the death occurred
3. Whether the victim was a mother or baby
4. The cause of death
5. The ethnicity of the victim

Please also provide the number of deaths in 2015/2014/2013 (this can be provided as just 1 number.)

In the years 2015 (3 deaths) and 2016 (2 deaths) there were a total of 5 baby deaths in the Royal Surrey County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust Maternity Department.   Cause of death in all cases was extreme prematurity ≤22/40.

The individual date of death, together with confirmation of ethnicity of the babies is being withheld under Section 40 of the Freedom of Information Act as it would be considered to be personal information, and the potential to identify could lead to further distress and harm.

Information in relation to 2013/14 years is not held centrally.

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