1)    On average, how many pieces of mail does the Trust send on an annual basis?

  1. 500,000-750,000

2)      Within your Trust do you use:

a. Franking Machines -Yes

i. If yes, how many franking machines do you have? One

ii. If yes, who supplies your franking machines?  Neopost

b. PPI Envelopes (envelopes with pre-printed indices) No

i. If yes, do you have an envelope machine(s) to automate folding and enveloping    documents?

ii. If yes, who supplies your envelope machine(s)?

  • Pitney Bowes
  • Neopost
  • Other – please specify

3)      For the majority of your postal communication do you use:  Internal mail room

4)      Does your Hybrid supplier provide you with any of the following mail services? n/a

5)      Which supplier(s) do you use to pick up your post?  Royal Mail

6)      Which procurement frameworks does your Trust use/belong to? North of England

7)      How long is left on the current mailing contract? Rolling contract.

8)      Please supply the name of the person(s) responsible for Transformation projects in your trust and the department they work in if available? (If you are unable to give names please indicate by Job Title) Director of Transformation.   All contacts should be made via the postal address for the Royal Surrey County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

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