Please can you provide me with the number of patients that left the Trust’s waiting list in each of the last five financial years (please see table below).

Please provide the overall total of patients who left the waiting list, and where possible supply breakdown figures according to reason (please see table below).


FINANCIAL YEAR Total number of patients
who left the waiting list
Number of patients who died
while on waiting list
Number of patients whose TREATMENT NO LONGER REQUIRED
while on waiting list
2011/12 30690 171 775
2012/13 30864 133 790
2013/14 31905 151 829
2014/15 33341 195 693
2015/16 33421 263 669


Note: Treatment no longer required would normally mean symptoms improved, but other reasons which would qualify under this code would be patient moving away or the patient simply no longer wanting/refusing treatment.

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