1. How many nurses and midwives (from Band 5 upwards) waiting to take up employment with your trust are awaiting completion of Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks? 42 NMC registration candidates are waiting for completion of DBS.

2. How long is the average wait for DBS approval for new starters at your organisation? From experience it takes on average a 7 day working week, but it can range from 1 day – 3 months.

3. How many parking spaces at your hospitals are exclusively for staff use and how much do they pay to use them? 1216 staff spaces. Staff charges are currently:

Up to and including Band 7 – £23.50 per month
Band 8a+ £36.00 per month
Essential users car park – £40.00 per month
Scratch cards – £5.00 per day (£25.00 per scratch card for 5 days) – Bank/Agency etc. 

4. What is your FTE nursing and midwifery staff establishment (from Band 5 upwards)? Funded (budgeted establishment) for all nursing and midwifery staff Band 5 and above – 1154 WTE.

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