Information Request under the Freedom of Information Act 2000


Under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, can you please provide details on the following:

Organisation Name:       Royal Surrey County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Question Answer
How many Full Time Employees do you have? 3,360 WTE
How many locations do you have? 7
Please confirm if you are in contract for a managed print service. No
Does this include Multi-Functional Devices (MFDs) and printers? N/A
Please confirm contract number and dates. N/A
Please confirm who the contract was awarded to. N/A
Please confirm the name of the employee that is responsible for the management of the printer estate for your organisation. Please direct all enquiries to the IT Service Desk at the address on the RSCH letterhead.
Please confirm if you currently reclaim the VAT on the managed service contract N/A
Please confirm if you intend to go out to tender next time or call off an existing framework.  If so, which one? Yes we might go out for tender
How many MFDs do you have? 78
What is the annual spend on MFDs – including lease costs, consumables, costs per click and service charges? £140395
How many printers do you have? 450
What is the annual spend on printers – including lease costs, consumables, costs per click and service charges? £122500 approx.
Please confirm the annual volumes of mono and colour prints. This information is not currently recorded.
How much time a month does the IT team spend on printer queries from end users? 2 x WTE dedicated for printer support
Do you have any mobile print capabilities? Yes – ipod and ipad printing
Do you have any secure print capabilities? Yes – Locked printing
What print management software do you use across the organisation? Kyocera Net Admin

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