In relation to the Royal Surrey County Hospital, could you please specify how many staff in total work for your trust?

Could you specify how many employees in the hospital are:

a) British citizens (i.e. from England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland);

b) Non-UK EU nationals;

c) Commonwealth citizens (excluding England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland), and;

d) People of other nationalities?

Could you please specify how many non-UK EU nationals work as professionally qualified clinical staff, support to clinical and NHS infrastructure support in you trust? Please could you also specify how many of your overall staffing are either directly employed by the trust, and how many are sub-contractors? 

Please find below a table confirming total number of employees, breakdown by nationality and profession for non-UK EU nationals:


Total number of staff employed by the Trust: 3808
Please note this does not include agency staff or contractors
British citizens 2920
Non-UK EU nationals 321
Commonwealth citizens 165
Other nationalities 402
Non-UK EU nationals:
Clinical Support 44
NHS Infrastructure 27
Qualified Clinical 250

What is the safe staffing level in this trust, both overall and by individual services?

The Trust is required to upload on a monthly basis the safe staffing levels which is published on the RSCH web site and updated on a monthly basis, follow this link:

Finally, in the outcome of a so called ‘Hard Brexit’, with no freedom of movement of people or services, what contingency plan has been put in place to ensure safe staffing levels in the trust and for the hospital?    

The Trust is not in a position to disclose this information.

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