1.Your policy for the identification and screening for Helicobacter Pylori infections –  The Trust does not have a Helicobacter Pylori Infection policy.

2.Your procedure for GP referral for patients presenting with gastritis. In particular:

      2.1.Are the GPs required to carry out or request any screening procedures at Out Patient Departments in advance of a referral – No, it is carried out as per the normal referral process.

      2.2.Does the GP give you a referral letter with implicit permissions to treat the patient without further reference to him/her? No, the GP treats Helicobacter Pylori.

3.The total number of gastroscopic investigations carried out over the most recent 12 month period for which you have data – For 2015/16 – 4100

4.The number Camplyobacter-like organism (CLO) tests carried out during gastroscopy in the same period. These may also be referred to as Rapid Urease Tests (RUT) – 2015/16 – 4,100

5.The number of stool antigen tests requested by you for the diagnosis of Hp infection in the same period (if applicable) – This information is unavailable as the Trust does not code stool antigen tests.

6.The number of urea breath tests (C13 or C14) carried out by you in the same period (if applicable) 0

7.The number of patients treated for H Pylori infections in the same period – The Trust does not treat H Pylori infection – any positive tests are communicated to the GP for initiation of treatment.

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