I am attaching your original questions from your previous FOI 1986 2016 request followed by your follow-on request FOI 1986 2016 (2):

  • in 1915/16 how many hospital induced VTEs there were

There were 86 cases with a hospital acquired VTE of which 75 cases were unavoidable as all appropriate care was given; 11 cases were identified where treatment and/or record keeping was not optimal.

  • and in 1915/16 how many deaths there were within 28 days of discharge from hospital induced VTEs

This information would not be held by the hospital, it would be held in the community.

FOI 1986 2016 (2):

I appreciate that you may not know the number of deaths from hospital induced VTEs within 28 days of discharge but can you please tell me the number of deaths within hospital from hospital induced VTEs?

For the time period April 2015 – March 2016 out of 78,000 patients there was a total of 11 patients (not the same 11 patient mentioned above in the previous response) with PE recorded on their death certificates. This does not mean it was the primary cause of death, because all of these patients had other serious comorbidities such as terminal cancer and several of the patients were on the End of Life pathway.

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