Do you provide on-site accommodation for junior doctors at your hospital(s)?

Please fill in the following table.


  2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
No. of beds available to junior doctors?            
Are the beds also available to other staff?            
Cost per room per night?            
Total no. of nights’ accommodation used in that year?            


If you do not have facilities for junior doctors to sleep on-site, did you used to, or do you have plans to provide accommodation?


The Royal Surrey County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust has accommodation available for all staff, not only for junior doctors.  Total number of beds is 266.  Cost per night is £35 for one night and for extra nights £20 per night.  Accommodation can be offered for longer periods of stay on 3 monthly or more basis and for longer term tenants the cost per night is £14.59.

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