1. How many staff do you currently have? 3366
2. How many IT network accounts do you have for logging on to the network currently? Active Accounts 4900
3. How many Full Time Equivalent (FTE) staff (including vacancies) do you have that are responsible for Information Governance (IG)? 1 FTE
4. How many FTE staff (including vacancies) do you have that are responsible for information/IT security? (If they are the same FTE as those responsible for IG just say that)? 2 FTE
5. Please state the make/model version number (as applicable) for the following IT security controls on your IT network;

a. Desktop firewall   Windows Firewall
b. Anti-Malware Sophos Enpoint Security 10.6
c. Device Control (e.g. endpoint protection to prevent exfiltration of data) Sophos Enpoint Security 10.6
d. Network Vulnerability  If this means vulnerability scanning = NONE
e. Web Proxy None provided by N3
f. Network Access Control Extreme Access Control
g. Intruder Prevention System (IPS)Checkpoint Firewall
h. Intruder Detection system (IDS)Checkpoint Firewall
i. Firewall activity logging/monitoringManaged Service
j. Active Directory activity logging/monitoring – ManageEngine AD Audit Plus
k. Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) – ManageEngine EventLog Analyser

6.  Date (month/year) of last penetration test carried out on any part of your organisation’s IT infrastructure (whether that is hosted infrastructure or not)? – April 2015

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