February 2017 – Clinical Reforms

In February 2017 a meeting led by Christopher Tibbs and Jonathan Inglesfield was held with the newly appointed Chiefs of Service, Primary Care GPs, ProCare and CCG Clinical Board Members.   The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the benefits of working partnerships to drive the local agenda for the population of Guildford and Waverley.

Both Paula Head and David Eyre-Brook addressed the group whereby the priority areas for transformation from a clinical perspective were identified and discussed.  These areas were:


Frailty – many hospitals now have in place a different approach to treating patients as an alternative to the more traditional A&E pathway.  We need to review as a whole system our approach to the care of frail elderly. A workshop for all partner organisations will be arranged to start this review.  In the meantime, Dr James Adams and CCG colleagues will review the frailty pathway within the acute setting to compliment the wider system work.

Out-patients – during 16/17 the introduction of Advice and Guidance into referral pathways has been bedding in and we are now seeing a real level of success in some specialties.  We will continue to drive this work to ensure that the uptake of this is consistent within all specialities.  Agreements have been made with CCG colleagues that we have joint opportunities to review the referral management system, the first attendance and follow-ups, and to jointly consider the impact of the electronic referral system.

Medicines Management – it was agreed that there would be benefit to the whole system if some work was done by the joint teams from the CCG and the Trust.  This work will be scoped out during June and we will report back in the future on areas where we can deliver joint benefits.

Should you wish for further information on this topic, please contact Jo Lang at CCG through:
Telephone: 01483 405426 or 07920 835373
E-mail: jo.lang@nhs.net

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