1. Which hospitals in the trust have the following wards:
Elderly Care
Names: Royal Surrey County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust has elderly care and stroke wards.

2. What are your published figures for reported in-patient falls for the period January 2013 – December 2015?
Year 2013: 774 Year 2014: 696 Year 2015: 581

3. Do any of the hospitals within the trust use any of the following (please state which product for which hospital):
Turun TABS Falls Monitor – yes
Sensorcare Bed Systems
Other (please name_________________)

4. Has there been a significant number of false alarms with any of the falls prevention devices?
Turun TABS Falls Monitor no
N/A. Unsure what is meant by term “false alarms” – the movement sensors we use are
activated when the pressure comes off the sensor pad e.g a patient stands up and an
audible alarm is heard which raises staff awareness that patient is on the move and
that the patient requires assistance.

If significant, is the hospital/s still using the equipment? NA
Yes No

5. Has there been any reported issues of pressure sores/bed sores due to using any of the falls prevention devices? None related to falls prevention devices
Turun TABS Falls Monitor  Severe – Average – Minor
Alert-It – Severe – Average – Minor
Sensorcare Bed Systems – Severe – Average – Minor
Other – Severe – Average – Minor

6. What is the name of the Ward Manager/s of the ward/s that use the falls prevention device? The falls prevention devices are stored centrally and are allocated following discussion with the falls nurse therefore not relevant to give ward sisters names.

7. What named type of beds are used in the ward/s that the falls monitor is used on? Arjo Huntleigh beds or Montcalm ultra low bed

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