1. With regards to the way medical records are currently used in your Trust, which EMRAM* stage are you? Stage 1

2. If you are unable to tell us the above, can you tell us if your Trust is running, or has signed a contract to run an electronic medical records system that meets the following criteria:
a. Electronic clinical documentation interacts with clinical decision support systems (based on both discrete data elements) Not Purchased
b. Electronic closed loop medication administration system. Not Purchased

3. If not, is your trust planning to commission an EMR (which meets criteria set out in Question 2) Outline Business Case for EPR written but not adopted

4. If you are currently utilizing an EMR, or have commissioned an EMR which is awaiting implementation, did you consider franchising an already implemented EMR from another NHS institution in the UK? Not applicable

5. If you are currently utilizing an EMR, or have commissioned an EMR which is awaiting implementation: does your EMR allow functional interoperability i.e. transfer of information from at least one other EMR used regionally in primary, secondary or tertiary care?
Not applicable

6. If your trust is planning to commission an EMR or currently has an open tender for an EMR, are you inviting applications for franchised systems from other NHS trusts?
Not applicable

7. If your trust currently utilizes an EMR, does the contract with the software provider allow for franchising your system to other trusts? Not applicable

8. Regarding direction from Clinical Commissioning Group(s) that commission services in your local area, have you had formal or informal direction regarding EMR provision? Informal

9. Regarding coordination with other acute hospital trusts, have you had any formal or informal discussions regarding coordination of EMR purchasing? Yes

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