Covid-19 Information

Due to Covid-19 all of our popular free and paid courses are now being taught online. It is anticipated that classes will remain online until September 2021, although the situation is being continually reviewed.

Undertaking our online courses is convenient, comfortable and completely Covid-19 secure. All of our pregnancy and postnatal classes are taught by the same small group of experienced practicing midwives in dedicated Facebook groups so you will also benefit from continuity of teachers and a community of peer support.

If your paid classes have been cancelled at short notice by an alternative provider and you wish to join our free classes or our paid online Birth and Beyond courses, please email the team and we will try to accommodate you.

If you have questions about our free class, contact

While questions about our paid Birth and Beyond courses and workshops should be directed to

For future bookings, please visit our Antenatal and birth classes page for details on the classes available and how to book.

Antenatal and Birth Classes

At the Royal Surrey hospital, we try to ensure that we have an antenatal class to suit everyone.

All of our classes are taught by a small team of fully qualified and practicing Royal Surrey midwives and physiotherapists. We provide both free and paid classes. The free classes are only available to pregnant clients who are currently booked to birth their baby with Royal Surrey Maternity (proof of booking may be required), while the paid Birth and Beyond classes are open to any expectant families.

The Parent Education team facilitate all of our Midwifery-Led classes from those booked in early pregnancy through to baby massage when your baby is a few months old.

This continuity enables the formation of a secure, trusting working relationship and a safe learning environment where you feel able to ask questions, explore options and express yourself as an individual without fear of judgement.

Between them the Parent Education Midwives have over 60 years of Midwifery experience and have worked in all areas of maternity care including homebirth, birth centres, Delivery Suite and theatre, and across the childbearing continuum from booking to discharge.

The team prides itself on providing honest, accurate and evidence-based information across all of our workshops and courses so that pregnant people and their birth partners can leave the classes excited, informed and with realistic expectations.

Free Classes for Royal Surrey Maternity Clients/Patients

Our free antenatal classes are taught in our online Royal Surrey Antenatal Education Hubs.

The online Hubs are private Facebook groups that you join according to your estimated due date. Spaces in the Education Hubs are bookable via our Eventbrite page here.

The classes are taught live by our Antenatal Education Specialist Midwife, Claire, and other specialists, and are tailored to your specific stage of pregnancy. We recommend that you join your Education Hub early to make the most of every educational opportunity and suggest signing up just after your 12-week scan. If privacy is a concern for you, you can join with a purpose made or blank Facebook account.

Free classes and Workshops taught live in the Education hubs include:

  • Your Pregnancy Matters.
  • Labour and birth Workshop.
  • Postnatal recovery and baby care Workshop.
  • The Induction of Labour Workshop. 

You will also be provided with information about how to access a live online Breastfeeding class with the Infant Feeding team, and educational opportunities provided by the Physiotherapy Department. 

The Hubs also contain lots of useful and reliable information, links and videos for you to access to support your learning.

Information on the content and timing of specific sessions can be found in the Events tab of your due date Facebook Hub once you have joined. These sessions are recorded so if you miss the live session you will be able to catch up at your convenience however please note that the team can only respond to questions posted during the live events.

You do not need to book tickets for each of these classes, simple book on to your due date hub and follow the instructions in the confirmation email carefully. The confirmation email is different from the ticket confirmation. Please note sometimes this email goes to your junk mail.

For any enquiries about our free classes please email

All class information, available dates and booking is available on Eventbrite only unless specified otherwise.

To see our full range of classes click here. 

Free online - Your Pregnancy Matters

We believe that every pregnancy matters, and with this in mind, the first free class we would like to invite you to our ‘Your Pregnancy Matters’ evening hosted in your due date Antenatal Education Hub between 12 and 18 weeks of pregnancy.

During this online event you will hear about the services we provide during the antenatal period and what options are available for your place of birth. We will also discuss important health information such as:

  • Diet and exercise.
  • Managing common pregnancy complaints like nausea and constipation.
  • When and how to contact the Maternity Unit.
  • The importance of monitoring your baby/babies’ movements and what to do if you are concerned.

The event is free but you must have a confirmed booking.

We suggest you attend between 12 and 18 weeks, however, you are welcome to attend at any gestation. Please book ASAP as this event is very popular.

For available dates and to book please visit our Eventbrite.

Please request two tickets from the drop down, if you are bringing someone with you. This event is unfortunately not suitable for children.

Preparing for Pregnancy (Preconception – 11 weeks)

We regret that this class is currently unavailable.

This class is for couples who are thinking about having a baby, are already trying to conceive, or are very newly pregnant. The class will highlight how women and their partners can take steps to improve their health before and during pregnancy, and includes information about:

  • Healthy lifestyles.
  • Nutrition.
  • Immunisations and infections.
  • Environmental factors.
  • Medical conditions.
  • Medications.
  • Identifying the best time in your monthly cycle to conceive.

A tour of the maternity unit is included in the class to prepare you for what you might expect when you are expecting. Classes are held at The Royal Surrey County Hospital.

Free online Antenatal workshops

As part of our free Antenatal Education provision, we provide two, two-hour Midwife Led Antenatal Workshops. Over the course of the workshops our Antenatal Education Specialist Midwife will highlight what we feel are the most important aspects of Labour and Birth and the postnatal Period with the expectation that parents will work through the provided information units to complete their education.

  • Labour and birth Workshop (facilitated at approximately 26-30 weeks of pregnancy) covers signs of labour and when to contact the Maternity Unit, ways to promote the helpful labour hormones, stages of labour and pain relief.
  • Postnatal recovery and baby care Workshop (facilitated at approximately 30-34 weeks) covers what to expect in the early days after having a baby including the physical and emotional changes in mother, the golden hour, cord care, nappy changing. Please note that infant feeding is covered in a separate class facilitated by the Infant Feeding team. 


Twins and Multiples Class

We regret that this class is currently unavailable.

This class is designed and led by a midwife who is mother to twins herself. The content includes:

  • Options for labour and birth.
  • How you will be monitored.
  • Pain relief options.
  • Assisted birth as well as caesarean section.
  • What to expect on the ward and at home.
  • Infant feeding and general baby care. 

Also discussed is what happens if your babies need special care in our Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU), or in our transitional care bay. 

Free online Antenatal breastfeeding class

This online breastfeeding class is taught by a member of our Infant Feeding team. During the class they will discuss:

  • Relationship building (bump bonding), and the part breastfeeding plays in this.  
  • The importance of establishing the foundations of health and how colostrum milk and breastfeeding can support this.
  • Normal new-born behaviour and how this often conflicts with societies expectations.
  • Correct positioning and attachment at the breast.
  • Where to find practical support.
  • What you can do to prepare for Breastfeeding.

There will also be time to answer your questions about infant feeding.

Free Colostrum Collection Clinic

We regret that this class is not currently available.

For information on Colostrum Collection please see the “Expressing your breastmilk in pregnancy” leaflet found in your Maternity Notes App, discuss with your midwife or watch this video made by the Infant Feeding Team:

Free Induction of Labour workshop

We offer this workshop in your due date hub at approx. 37 weeks to help you to understand what to expect if you are recommended, and consent to, an Induction of labour. Discussed in the workshop is:

  • The process of induction - ways we induce your birth.
  • What to expect when on the ward - what to bring/how long you may stay.
  • Ways of helping yourself – realistic expectations/pain relief options.
  • Colostrum collection - benefits for baby/benefits for induction.

Physical preparation for childbirth

These free classes are run by the Pelvic Health Specialist Physiotherapy Team.

Class 1: Great Expectations: Staying fit, preventing pain in pregnancy

Learn ways to minimise discomfort during your pregnancy. We cover posture, back care, core stability, pelvic floor exercises and exercising during your pregnancy. Suitable from 12 weeks onwards. 

Ideal to attend from 12-20 weeks but you are welcome to come at any time. This class is approximately two hours long.

Class 2: Optimising your experience during labour, delivery and beyond

Understand how labour positions, breathing techniques, relaxation, massage and TENS can ease your labour.

Learn positions for the second stage of labour; breathing techniques, instrumental deliveries and caesarean section. Understand postnatal recovery including returning to usual activities and exercise. We also advise on perineal massage.

Class 2 is suitable from 32 weeks onwards and partners are very welcome to attend.  This class is approximately three and a half hours long.

Unfortunately, due to the covid-19 pandemic we are unable to offer live/face to face classes at this time, but please email us on or call 01483 464 153 to request a free video of Class two. 

If you are also interested in Class one please let us know as we have created an alternative video which you may find useful. 

Free fear release (referral required)

This three-hour class is for women who are very fearful of giving birth. Its aim is to discuss:

  • What the options are surrounding birth.
  • Dispel myths about labour and birth.
  • Teach relaxation, breathing and massage techniques to help women feel more relaxed and comfortable in the run up to, and during the birthing process.  

This class is for mums only

This class is free, however, you will require a referral from your midwife or doctor.

Hypnobirthing techniques are taught in this class. If you have a mental health diagnosis, this class may not be suitable. Please discuss with your Mental Health Team or Jasmine Team prior to booking.

Terms and Conditions


All of our classes are taught using Facebook rooms. We have looked in. to many different platforms, and we have found that Facebook best meets our requirements. Not is the platform widely used it allows us to provide live education to large number of people, it has tools that allow us to share helpful resources, links and videos and it helps to foster our communities. Clients will need to have access to a Facebook account to attend our. They must read and agree to the Facebook group’s rules to be accepted into the class.

Please note that while the Facebook groups are private, and any comments or contributions are only visible to other members it may be possible for your friends list to see that you are a member of the group. We also ask that you respect the groups confidentiality and if you recognise another group member you maintain their privacy.

Pseudonyms can be used within the group however it is the client’s responsibility to inform the education of the name under which they are booked with the Royal Surrey. Space is given to give actual names when signing up to a class or the client can email the team ahead of their joining request.

For Clients who are not comfortable use Facebook, even anonymously, we are able to provide a digital pack of information links as shared in our free classes however this option doesn’t replicate our online teaching and no class alternatives are offered.


Paid classes: You are able to claim a complete refund up to 30 days prior to the start of your chosen event. Please take note of the recommended gestation for the courses. Attendees are welcome at any gestation, but we recommend that you book your classes in good time. We are unable to provide refunds for courses (whole or incomplete) where the individual has been unable to attend due to going in to labour at term (37 weeks+).