As part of a research project on the digitisation of Medical records and in particular the progress made on this subject could you please advise:

1)            What solution do you currently use for digitalising medical records e.g. Internal/External?  The Trust does not use a solution for digitalising medical records.

2)            If this is an external scanning solution, who is the primary supplier?  N/A

3)           Do you have an internal scanning solution in place?, what is the primary model of scanner used in the digitisation process? N/A

4)           Where any EDMS or content management solution is used to manage the scanned images, please advise what that solution is? N/A

5)            Was the purchase value over the OJEU threshold, if yes…What was the value of the contract? N/A

6)            What year was the contract awarded?  N/A

7)            What portal/framework was used to advertise the contract? N/A

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