1)             How many patients in your area have been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes?  1000

2)             How many patients in your area with type 1 diabetes are currently using insulin pump therapy?  130

3)             How many new individual insulin pumps have you commissioned in:

a)      2012/13 10

b)      2013/14 15

c)       2014/15 15

d)      2015/16 15

4)             What number of the population do you cover?  GP registered population of 220,804.

5)             What percentage of your diabetes population were a) offered and b) received an insulin pump in

i) 2012/13 – 8%

ii) 2013/14 – 10%

iii)2014/15 – 12%


iv) 2015/16 – 13%

6)             Do you give all eligible patients the choice of insulin pump therapy in line with NICE guidance on insulin pumps (TA151)?  Yes

7)             What guidance, information and structured education do you provide on insulin pumps for a) providers and b) patients? All patients starting on a insulin pump must complete an insulin pump initiation course. They also have the option to attend pump update courses. Providers of pumps receive feedback on pump initiation.

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