The Royal Surrey Delivery Suite

The Delivery Suite provides care for both low risk women with no problems during their pregnancies, and for those with more complicated or high risk pregnancies. 

There are 10 en-suite birthing rooms, with mats and birthing balls on hand. Our rooms include:

  • A pool room for women wishing to experience a water-birth, but who may require additional monitoring or have a disability (Wheelchair accessible pool & room)
  • A High Dependency Room for women who may need more care and support at any stage of their pregnancy.

We also have a dedicated obstetric theatre and theatre team based on the delivery suite.

We have a 24 hour obstetric team, featuring doctors, anaesthetists, midwives and support workers. We also offer a 24 hour epidural service as well as supporting other methods of pain relief, including: hydrotherapy, hypnobirthing, massage, entonox, and pethidine.

The team’s philosophy is to provide a high standard of care that meets the needs of each individual woman. We are committed to supporting you in the birth of your baby and to achieve the best experience possible.