Request title: Delayed discharge of care



                                                Date of Response: 6 January 2016

Further to your Freedom of Information request, the Trust has answered your questions in the order they appear in your request.

Please be aware that although the information on this page was accurate at the time of publishing, it may not now be, and should not be relied upon.





1. How many beds were occupied by patients termed as “delayed discharge patients” on Tuesday 1st Dec 2015 (total patients, acute and non-acute).


2. What is the longest delayed discharge stay on Tuesday 1ST Dec 2015?


3. How many in-patients on Tuesday 1st December did not need to be in an acute hospital bed?


4. What is the daily cost of providing a ward hospital bed? Please estimate the total.


5. Has the number of “delayed discharge patients” risen over the last 5 years? (yes / no)


If YES what is the average annual % increase …………

If NO what is the average annual % decrease …………


6. Have you diverted any funding to assist partner agencies to work on reducing delayed discharges? (yes / no)

If YES, how much  £……………

If YES since when (year) have you been diverting funds? ………………


7. Are you charging local authorities for delayed discharge patients.

If YES which local authorities? …………………






 1.    .

  Number of Beds As a % of total hospital beds
Total  23  5%

2.    50 days


  Number of Beds As a % of total hospital beds
Total  67  16

4.    The estimated average daily cost for the Trust to provide a Medical ward hospital bed is £184.

5.     Please note that the above information is published on the following NHS England website and, therefore, Section 21 of the Freedom of Information Act pertains since this information is reasonably accessible by other means.

6.     Monies for Delayed Transfer Of Care and managing social care packages are funded from the joint health and social care “Better Care Fund” held by the CCG.


7.      Yes.  Guildford and Waverley; Hampshire; West Sussex









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