We would like to request the following information regarding the prescribing of specialised infant formula for cow’s milk protein allergy (CMPA) within Royal Surrey County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

1) Does your organisation use any guidelines when prescribing specialised infant formula for cow’s milk protein allergy (CMPA)? The Trust is currently assessing draft guidelines for specialist infant formula for Primary Care.

2) If yes, please provide a link to, or a copy of the guidelines referenced by your organisation. N/A

Request for Re-use
We (IMS Health) request permission to re-use as a part of an independent analysis into NHS prescribing of CMPA products, which has been commissioned by one of our clients. The contents of the report will not be made available publically, but may be used by other IMS Health Group entities and service suppliers. The information in the report will be presented in a factual manner with all publication details staying true to the publisher.
We acknowledge that documents provided may be protected by copyright and will include a copyright statement to this effect at the end of any information we publish if requested by you. N/A

3) Please can you confirm whether we are permitted to reuse any information provided under the Open Government Licence? N/A

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