Covid-19 Maternity Research Study

Clinicians at Royal Surrey are looking for expectant mothers to take part in a research study into the effects of Covid-19 on mothers and unborn babies. Woman making a heart shape with her hands over her baby bump

The study which is purely observational, will allow the team to get a better understanding of any risks or complications that could face mothers and babies who may have been exposed to the virus.

Although part of a national research study, Royal Surrey is the only Trust in Surrey to be involved and is hoping to increase the take up of participants.

Women who have tested positive for coronavirus during their pregnancy or displayed any possible symptoms, will be asked if they would like to get involved.

The format of the research means that these women will not be asked to do anything other than consent for their anonymised data to be shared with a national database, where any trends can be picked up.

Sinead Donlon, Lead Research Nurse for the study at Royal Surrey NHS Foundation Trust, said:

“This research is crucial in allowing us to better understand any risks or trends in mothers and babies that may have been exposed to coronavirus during their pregnancy.

“We hope to determine whether the virus increases the risk of miscarriages, still-births, pre-term births or foetal growth restrictions.

“The study is completely anonymous and non-invasive and any personal data will not be shared with the government or any other bodies aside from the National Institute of Health Research.

“It would be brilliant if we could get as many mothers to be involved as possible- and anyone who has been pregnant from January 2020 can be a part of the study.”

A mother-to-be from Guildford said of her decision to take part:

“I wanted to be part of this study as it’s so important that we understand more about the impact of Covid 19 on pregnancy. The process to participate was straightforward and I was given clear guidance about what was required from me and how my data would be used.”

Another participating mother commented:

“With having a child born in the Special Care Baby Unit, I understand how worrying anything can be, especially when it comes to your child, however, being a part of this trial will help us understand more about Covid-19 and protect us all.

“Thank you as always to all of the wonderful NHS workers, those behind the scenes that often don’t get the recognition they deserve, and thank you for allowing us to participate in this trial.”

The team will be informed of any initial national trends or understandings, which will inform the care and advice given to local mothers during the pandemic.

If anyone feels they are suitable and would like to get involved, please email