Your trust will recently have received an email on 17th August 2016 from Daniel Mortimer, Chief Executive of NHS Employers. This was sent to all trusts in the England regarding the new Junior Doctors’ Contract, with the subject ‘New Junior Contract Resources.’ I have enclosed a copy of the email below for your convenience. 

In it he states that ‘Over the past few months a number of employers have expressed concern that the pay provisions of the new junior doctors’ contract may result in further cost pressures’.


Under the Freedom of Information Act 2002 I would like you to state/provide:

1)  If you were one of the trusts who ‘expressed concerns over the pay provisions of the new junior doctors contract’No.

a. If you were, please say so and please provide copies of these emails, with any replies/attachments. N/A

2)  If you have done any costings on the implementation costs, or ongoing costs of new rotas under the new Junior’s Doctor’s contract  No.

a. If so, please provide a copy of these figures, and state how much the new Junior Doctor contract will save/cost the trust. N/A

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