Evaluating support for doctors with colour vision deficiency


1. Name of your NHS trust Royal Surrey County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
2. Approximately how many doctors is your department responsible for?


The Trust employs 589 doctors on a permanent or fixed term contract.  (Please note that this figure excludes bank doctors).
3. Does your trust do routine screen of all doctors for colour vision deficiency?  

❏     No

4. How many of the doctors currently employed by your trust have a declared a colour vision deficiency?  

❏     Data not collected/available


5. Does your trust offer formal guidance for doctors with color vision deficiency? ❏     No (Go to Q6)
6. If a doctor declared a colour vision deficiency, what (if any) action would be taken?


Discussed on a case by case basis to determine the effect on the ability of the doctor to work and then specific recommendations would be made to the appropriate people.

Survey ends here

7. What form does this guidance take (select all that apply) ❏     Written advice (Survey ends here)

❏     Face-to-face interview (go to Q8)

❏     Phone interview (Go to Q8)

❏     Referral to other service (specify) ________ (Go to Q8)

❏     Other __________ (Go to Q8)


See Q6

8. What would this interview/referral/other guidance consist of?  

See Q6


Survey ends here

9.  Please describe how colour vision deficiency is encompassed in a broader policy, and what advice (if any) is given  


See Q6


Survey ends here

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