1. Do you block the use of cloud apps not officially purchased or sanctioned by your department’s IT team? (Cloud apps are apps such as Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, iCloud, WeTransfer, etc, which operate in the cloud and therefore do not necessarily need to be downloaded to a PC/laptop/mobile device to be used.) No


2. How many cloud apps are in use by employees in your department? Please include both those apps purchased or sanctioned by IT, and unsanctioned apps i.e. used by employees without IT’s permission. If you do not know whether/how many unsanctioned apps are in use, please state this and provide the number of sanctioned/authorised cloud apps.) Not known – appropriate use is defined by policy


3. Do you monitor cloud app use by employees in either sanctioned or unsanctioned apps, for example by monitoring what data are uploaded and/or shared using cloud apps? No

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