Question 1: Please complete the following table for your patients, showing the number of procedures in the first, second or third position (please sum all instances) for a diagnosis of cholesteatoma in any position, per consultant, split into 18 and over and under 18s and then into whether the spell involved an overnight stay or was a daycase, from 1st April 2014 – 31st March 2015.

For your ease the following have been provided:

  • Template to complete – attached
  • Procedure codes – as a tab on the spreadsheet
  • ICD codes for cholesteatoma – H71, H604, H950
  • An example SQL code has been provided to answer this query – as a tab on the spreadsheet

Please note patients may have more than one relevant procedure code in the first three procedure codes, please sum all instances where these codes appear even if patients are double counted. This is because we are looking at the number of procedures and not the number of patients.


The example table attached has been completed as if you had 2 consultants at one hospital. The numbers in this template are not a true account of any consultant, there are only there to make the table easier to read.

 Question 1 Response

Question 2: Please include a separate count of the number of individual inpatients with a recorded diagnosis of cholesteatoma in any position for the same time period, split by 18 and over, and under 18. Please put the data in the question 2 template.

If you have less than 5 patients, would you consider giving the exact number of patients as we want to work out the national prevalence of cholesteatoma?

Question 3: Please could you put the total number of patients having a procedure in the last year (ie the number of patients used for question 1) into the question 2 template in the relevant column, broken down by 18 and over and under 18?

Questions 2 and 3 Response

Question 4: This data will be summarised to provide national trends, lists and statistics, and put on a website whose aim is to support patients with cholesteatoma. Do you consent to the data being used in this way? Please put your answer in column in the question 2 template.


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