(a) Does your trust have a bereavement suite available for use by parents in the event of limited life expectancy of an anticipated birth of a child? Yes

(b) If the answer to (a) is no, what alternative arrangements are available? N/A

(c) If the answer to (a) is yes, would parents of a baby who turn up at hospital with a sudden infant death be allowed to use the bereavement suite?
Parents who have had a sudden infant death of a baby below 28 days of life will be allowed to use the bereavement suite as they are still under Maternity’s care; parents who have had a sudden infant death of a baby over 28 days of life do not fall under Maternity’s prerogative.

(d) If the answer is yes to (a) where in relation to the Labour ward is the suite located?
The Maternity Forget-Me-Not suite is located adjacent to the Maternity Delivery Suite which is separated by a set of double doors.

(e) Do you have bereavement trained midwives? If yes, how many?
Yes. The Trust has one specialist bereavement midwife.

(f) Do you have a trained bereavement councillor at the hospital? If yes, what is the average waiting time to be able access support from that councillor?
The Trust does not currently have a bereavement counsellor.

(g) Do you provide any written information to parents following the loss of a baby? If yes, please name the third sector organisation information is provided from.

(h) Can you list the guidelines around infant death which are implemented by the hospital?
The Trust Maternity Neonatal Loss Policy is based on the guidelines provided by SANDS:


Attached below please find the Trust Pregnancy Loss Policy

Pregnancy Loss V1.0 misscarriage

Please note that if a death occurs over 28 days of life the Trust Paediatric department would follow the Surrey Safeguarding Children Board guidance for sudden unexpected death which is available on their website via the link below. If appropriate, the Trust would conduct either a Serious Untoward Investigation (SUI) or establish a learning panel.


(i) Does the hospital provide support around funeral arrangements for infants or babies who have died at the hospital?
Support is provided for all babies who have died in the Maternity Unit.

(j) Does the hospital advise parents on the advantages of having a post mortem conducted where this is not compulsory?
Yes, a discussion on post-mortem is held with the parents.

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