Please can you provide the following information under FOI laws. If your trust has not yet received this information from Lord Carter, then please hold this request until January 15.

1.      The overall savings estimate that has been sent to the trust by Lord Carter, as part of his review of NHS efficiency. Please note, I am not asking for the agreed/confirmed savings figure, I’m asking for the initial figure that was presented to the trust by Lord Carter and his team.

2.      The overall savings estimate as a proportion of the trust’s turnover.

3.      The ‘pack’ that has been sent to the trust, outlining the areas where savings could potentially be made.

The Royal Surrey County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust confirms that some information is held that is relevant to the above request.

However, it is being withheld under Section 22 of the Freedom of Information Act which states that public bodies are not obliged to disclose information that is intended for future publication. The Department of Health intends to release the data for all acute Trusts by the summer of 2016.

Section 22 is a qualified exemption and the Trust is required to assess as objectively as possible whether the balance of public interest favours disclosing or withholding the information. The view of the Trust that section 22 exemption pertains to the above request is based on the judgement that the public interest would be better served by a general publication of validated data.

In general, there is a strong public interest in information being made available as freely as possible. However, the Trust also recognises an overriding public interest in publication in line with the planned time frame, as this will give sufficient time to validate the data and format it for publication.

Please note that the information provided is the property of the Royal Surrey County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and subject to Intellectual Property Database rights. Any commercial application or use of this information may be subject to the provisions of the Re-use of Public Sector Information Regulations 2005. This means that if you wish to re-use the information provided for commercial purposes for any reason you must ask us for permission to do so.

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