How many staff car parking spaces are there at your hospital trust broken down by hospital site? 1684 

How many members of staff are there working at each site who are eligible to park on site? The Trust does not hold data on the number of staff who are ‘eligible’ to park on site as there is a distinct difference between those who are eligible and those who actually apply for a permit.  Staff who live within 2 miles of the Trust are not eligible. Only those who work rotational shifts, have a medical condition, need a car for their job role, or are short term Bank/Agency staff members are eligible.    

How many staff members pay for parking permits at each site? Approximately 3000. This includes substantive staff who pay via salary and Bank\Agency who use scratch cards. 

Are any members of staff eligible for free parking and if so who? Staff who have a Blue Disabled Badge can park for free in disabled parking bays. The Trust does not record the number of staff who do this.

Do any members of staff have reserved parking spaces and, if so, who? No

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