How much money did the trust raise from car parking charges in each of the last four years (state the amount and the years for which figures are available)? Only figures for past 3 years available…

Nov 13 – Oct 14 £1,448,861
Nov 12 – Oct 13 £1,244,605
Nov 11 – Oct 12 £1,115,328

Do you charge for disabled parking? If so, how much of the total amount raised by the trust from car parking charges came from disabled parking? No

Do you employ a private firm to run the car park for you? If so, how much of the money generated by parking fees is taken by the private firm? Approximately £350k per annum to pay staff salaries, coin collection fees, management fee.
Please provide a breakdown of your car park charges – per hour/per day/per week.

Visitor (Disabled parking free)

Up to 2 hours – £3.00
3 hours – £4.00
4 hours – £5.00
5 hours – £6.00
6 hours – £7.00
24 hours – £8.00

Oncology – £3.00 per day

Weekly – £15.00

Do you provide concessions for long-term visitors? What are these? Weekly – £15.00

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