Please disclose in relation to the past 5 years:

a) the trust’s total spend on services by Capsticks LLP (whether these relate to legal services, investigations, training, sub-contracting consultants or investigators or any other services). £240 in total over five years – one invoice dated 2014. Please note that due to an upgrade of the Trust’s financial system it has only been possible to interrogate invoices dating from 2013.  However, the Trust does not routinely use Capsticks reducing the likelihood of there being any additional invoices dating from 2011 to 2013 relating to this request.


b) what proportion of this total amount has been spent in cases where staff members had previously made public interest disclosures, and how many such cases were Capsticks LLP. Zero


d) how many of these cases involving Capsticks LLP in which staff members had previously made public interest disclosures ended in dismissal of the staff concerned. Zero


 e) how many trust compromise agreements have Capsticks LLP handled in the last 5 years. Zero

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