A breakdown of your Board membership showing gender, and ethnic background and age range broken into separate categories for: 

  • Chairman
  • Non- executive directors
  • Executive directors

Age range should be specified for each category as follows. 

Age of Board Members
Identifier Years of age
A1 18-39
A2 40-49
A3 50-59
A4 60-69
A5 70 and over

 Ethnic Background should be specified according to the following classifications set out by the Office for National Statistics.

Identifier Standard Office of National Statistics (ONS) Ethnicity Classifications
1 Arab
2 Asian/ Asian British: Indian
3 Asian/ Asian British: Pakistani
4 Asian/ Asian British: Bangladeshi
5 Asian/ Asian British: Chinese
6 Black/ African/ Caribbean/ Black British: African
7 Black/ African/ Caribbean/ Black British: Caribbean
8 Black/ African/ Caribbean/ Black British:  Any other Black/African/Caribbean background
9 Mixed/Multiple ethnic group: White and Black Caribbean
10 Mixed/Multiple ethnic group:  White and Black African
11 Mixed/Multiple ethnic group: White and Asian
12 Mixed/Multiple ethnic group: Any other Mixed/Multiple ethnic background
13 White: English/Welsh/Scottish/Northern Irish/Cornish/British
14 White: Irish
15 White: Gypsy or Irish Traveller
16 White: Any other White background
17 Any other ethnic group
18 Not Known


  RSCH Board – February 2016 Gender Ethnicity Age
1 Chief Executive M 13 A4
2 Director of Finance M 13 A1
3 Medical Director M 13 A3
4 Deputy  Chief Executive and Director of Organisational Transformation M 13 A3
5 Chief Operating Officer and Director Of Nursing and  Patient Experience F 13 A3
6 Director of Strategic Marketing and Business Development M 14 A2
7 Chairman M 18 A4
8 Non-Executive Director 1 M 13 A3
9 Non-Executive Director  2 F 18 A3
10 Non-Executive Director 3 F 13 A3
11 Non-Executive Director 4 F 13 A3
12 Non-Executive Director 5 (Vacant) NA NA NA

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