Birthing suite opened during midwifery day celebrations

A newly refurbished birthing suite has been officially opened as part of celebrations for International Day of the Midwife.

Royal Surrey County Hospital has refreshed its two Midwife Led Birthing Rooms, which feature brand new birthing couches, birthing pools, and ensuite facilities.

The rooms were officially opened on Friday 3rd May by Instagram influencer and mother-of-three Anna Mathur, who gave birth to her three children at the Guildford hospital.

Anna said: “I have been fortunate enough to experience the Midwife Led Unit for the births of all three of my children, most recently my daughter Florence, only a mere ten weeks ago.

“I have had brilliant, attentive and supportive midwives throughout my labours, all pivotal to my positive birthing experiences.

“This refurbishment will only work to enhance what is already a wonderfully equipped and caring unit.”

As part of the celebration, Anna, who is an experienced psychotherapist and passionate about maternal mental health, was reunited with some of the midwives who have supported her during the birth of children.

The Midwife Led Unit will be the base of the Surrey Meadows Team, who will support women through their entire pregnancy, from antenatal appointments to giving birth and beyond.

The Unit is suitable for women who have an uncomplicated medical history and a healthy pregnancy, who plan to give birth as naturally as possible.

The Trust sought input from real mum’s who had used the facilities as part of the refurbishment in order to understand how we could improve their birthing experience.

As part of the refresh the Trust has taken delivery of two birthing couches, which can be moved into the most comfortable position for mums-to-be during labour.

After the birth the couch can be converted into a double bed to provide a relaxing space where parents can bond with their new arrivals.

The rooms now also feature artwork donated by Blue Dot Design and Aliana Bruce Photography.

The launch took place as part of celebrations for International Midwifery Day, which takes place on Sunday, May 5.

Royal Surrey currently employees 126 midwives, who man the Maternity Unit 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

They are supported in their role by a dedicated army of Midwifery Support Workers.

The Trust’s caring and supportive team were rated as outstanding by the Care Quality Commission and Royal Surrey is the only hospital in the area to have received the UNICEF Baby Friendly Ward Gold Standard.

Jacqui Tingle, Deputy Director of Midwifery, said: “We were delighted to welcome Anna back to the Trust and to reunite her with some of the midwives who shared and supported her through the birth of her three children.

“It feels fitting that we are opening our refurbished birthing suite as part of celebrations to reflect on the importance of midwifery and the strides we take to ensure we deliver the highest quality of care for every woman and their families.

“It is a privilege to be a midwife and my colleagues at Royal Surrey should feel proud that they have helped, supported and shared in the joy of countless women and their families through one of, if not the most significant events in their lives.”

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