The Royal Surrey Birth Suite

If you have a healthy pregnancy then you can plan to give birth in our Birth Suite, which is a co-located Midwifery-Led Unit. It is alongside the delivery suite and will provide you with an experienced midwife who will be responsible for your care throughout your labour and birth. 

The unit has a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. It is ideal for women who are planning on birthing their babies as naturally as possible. There are two rooms, each with their own birthing pool and en-suite facilities. Birthing balls, bean bags and mats are also available to help you stay active and comfortable during labour.

All of the Birth Suite midwives are experienced in normal birth, hypnobirthing, waterbirth, massage, active birth, and creating a relaxed environment to promote positive natural birth experiences.

Pain relief available includes hydrotherapy, entonox, pethidine, paracetamol, and dihydrocodeine.

Is the Birth Suite right for me?

If you are interested in giving birth in the Birth Suite, you need to meet the following criteria: 

  • You are full term (37-42 weeks pregnant)

  • Not a multiple birth (i.e. not twins, triplets etc)

  • Baby is not in a breech position (bottom first)

  • Spontaneous onset of labour (no induction needed)

  • Uncomplicated pregnancy, as well as no significant medical and obstetric history

  • Experiencing regular contractions

  • No indication that continuous fetal monitoring is needed

  • A body mass index of of less than 35

  • Have had less than five babies.

How can I use the Birth Suite?

You can either decide when booking your pregnancy that you would like to have your baby in our Birth Suite, or you can wait until you are in labour and decide then. 

So long as you meet the criteria as seen in the above section, please tell the midwives you wish to use the Birth Suite when you phone in labour. 

If you plan to use the Birth Suite but for whatever reason no longer meet the criteria, your birth choices may still be possible on the delivery suite. These will be discussed with you at the time. Please see the Delivery Suite pages for more information.