mother and baby in birthing pool

Learn the benefits of water emersion in labour

There are many reasons why parents may consider the use of water in labour, including as an aid to relaxation or as a form of natural pain relief. Led by experienced midwives, this workshop will provided up-to-date evidence based and accurate information to empower you to decide if water is something you wish to include in your birth plan and will help you to know what to expect when using the pool.

This two hour paid for workshop includes;

  • The benefits of water for the birthing person and their baby
  • How we can support you in your choice to labour and/or birth in water at Royal Surrey
  • The practicalities and what to wear
  • Special considerations including the consultant led pool room
  • Role of birth partners and coping methods which complement the use of the pool

The cost of this workshop is £30

Book a ticket for you and your birth partner via our  Waterbirth Workshop page.