Treatment                                                     Total Patients

Abatacept (Orencia)                                               1
Adalimumab (Humira)                                           2
Apremilast (Otezla)                                                 0
Certolizumab Pegol (Cimzia)                              25
Etanercept (Enbrel)                                               91
Golimumab (Simponi)                                            2
Infliximab (Remicade)                                         56
Infliximab biosimilar (Inflectra)                           6
Infliximab biosimilar (Remsima)                         0
Rituximab (MabThera)                                         50
Secukinumab (Cosentyx)                                      0
Tocilizumab (RoActemra)                                   64
Tofacitinib [Xeljanz]                                                0
Ustekinumab (Stelara)                                           6
Vedolizumab (Entyvio)                                           0


The above table lists the numbers of patients treated from 1st June to 30th November 2015 with the listed drugs for any condition.

Does your trust run a dedicated Gastroenterology infusion clinic for the treatment of patients with Infliximab [or Vedolizumab] If Yes, how frequently are they run ? The Royal Surrey County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust manages biologics infusions through the Medical Day Unit (MDU). The scheduling of attendances is based upon patients’ requirements so rather than having, say, one clinic per week the Trust has booked slots in MDU which provides greater flexibility for the patients.

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