1. How many community midwives does your trust employ? The Royal Surrey County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust has an integrated service where midwives work in both the community and hospital setting. There is a core group of named midwives for community services and they make up 27 WTE.


2. How many live births was your trust responsible for in financial year 2015/16?



3. How many bilirubinometers (device to measure bilirubin in the blood) does your trust have available for use by community midwives?

None in the community setting.


4. Where are your trust’s bilirubinometers stored?

The Trust’s bilirubinometers are stored on the postnatal ward.


5. What training is provided to community midwives in the use of bilirubinometers?

N/A – the Trust has a hospital service spec.


6. How much does your trust spend per annum on purchasing bilirubinometers? Please provide figure for financial year 2015/16

Each monitor costs £4000


7. Does your trust have a policy for treatment of neonatal jaundice?



8. If a policy exists how do you ensure community midwives are familiar with it and adhere to it when attending to babies in the community?

Mandatory updates annually on the management of jaundice babies.


9. What is your average discharge time for babies and mothers following a live birth?

Depends on gestation and individualised to meet needs of the mother and baby. Average length of stay across the service is 1.8 days.


10. Do you record cases of brain damage caused by high bilirubin levels in babies with neonatal jaundice (kernicterus)?

Yes. The Trust’s current process requires the service to report all adverse outcomes in neonatal care.


11. If yes to the question above then please provide figures for the number of cases for all financial years where data is available.

The recording of such cases on the Trust’s incident reporting system does not allow for the accurate extrapolation of data specifically relating to kernicterus.


12. How much compensation did your trust pay to children with brain damage caused by high bilirubin levels (kernicterus) for all financial years where data is available.

Please refer to the NHSLA website: http://www.nhsla.com

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