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Cancer Charities - Martin Read

Cancer Charities - Martin Read

Having lived in Milford since 1975, the RSCH has provided the backbone to my family’s health care, from the birth of our children, the repair of broken tendons and my overcoming cancer.  Through this I have witnessed and experienced the dedication and professionalism of staff at all levels at the RSCH with gratitude.

I initially served with the Royal Marines for ten years, and then worked in Godalming  becoming Managing Director of a local company before setting up my own specialist engineering company with a local partner.  Also based in Godalming, we developed extensive international sales employing in excess of 30 staff and were awarded the Exporter of the Year Award. After selling the company to a US corporation in 2000, I continued my work as a consultant working from London.

In 2007 I became a Trustee of the Fountain Centre (FC), an independent charity that provides a wide range of complementary therapies and support to cancer patients. The FC is based in the RSCH and in 2009 I accepted the post of Chairman which I continue to hold. Through this position and my time as Governor, I have experienced not only the dedication and professionalism of staff at the Royal Surrey, but also the complexities of the NHS organisation and the extensive scope of services provided to our community.

I was first elected Governor in 2015, representing Waverley. In November 2018 I was privileged to become an appointed Governor representing Cancer Charities. In addition I also serve on supporting committees, which include:

  1. Nominations Committee – involved in recruiting non executive board members.
  2. Patient Experience Committee – working towards optimising hospital services for patients.
  3. Membership and Engagement Committee – working to optimise membership and community involvement.
  4. Governor Representative on the Charitable Funds Committee which oversees the distribution of RSCH charitable funding.

I wish to help the continued development of a compassionate cost effective and efficient service at the RSCH in support of our local community, and to assist towards sympathetic changes that may be required in accommodating evolving needs, resources and available technologies.